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         Xiamen Sanjac Instrument and Meter CO.,Ltd. Which was founded in 1996 is located in Hi-tech industrial area,Xiang¡¯an district,Xiamen city,Fujian province,China. We are an experienced manufacturer who have being researched,developed,designed and manufactured thermoco-uple and RTD over twenty-years in Taiwan.
         Our main products are thermocouples,RTD(explosion-proof ,industrial,special connector,and mineral insulated)¡¢connectors¡¢handheld thermocouples¡¢terminal heads and all types of extention wires and cables:B,R,S,K,N,E,J,T included.We have a wide variety of products for your choice,and work on providing the products according to your requirements.
         We have scientific management ,experienced and skillful employees,and advanced manufacturing equipments.By virtue of standard and advanced temperature measuring instruments and sensors ,laser welding equipment, first-class and convenient service,our company has become a professional instrument and meter company.Our products have been supplied home and abroad ,and mainly exported to Europe, the USA.,and Southeast Asia.We win ackonwledgement and trust from our customers.
         We are committed to first quality ,best reputation,highest technology, and best service.We believe that Sanjac Instrument and Meter CO.,Ltd.is your best choice.In pursuit of mutual development and prosperity ,we sincerely invite you to visit our company ,establish business relationships and cooperate with us.



Material Inspection Room (1)
Material Inspection Room (2)
Laser Welder (1)
Laser Welder (2)
Spot Welder
Argon Arc Soldering Machine



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